Saturday, 21 May 2011

Exceptionally Tasty Oatmeal Porridge

Did you know, children, that porridge is one of the most ancient cooked foods? People have been eating porridge for thousands of years! And there are three good reasons for that: 1) It is extremely tasty, 2) it's very good for you, and 3) it's really easy!

As easy as it is, Auntie Megan does like to add a step or two to make it even more tasty. But you can do whatever you like, since at the end, the porridge you make will in fact be for you, not for me.

Did you also know that there are many different types of porridge? Porridge can be made with all different kinds of starchy things, like rice, wheat, corn, millet (another Auntie Megan favorite) and barley. It is eaten all over the world! But today we're going to make it with oats.

Oats are high in fiber, like many of the things I have shown you so far. But there is another kind of fiber, called soluble fiber, which is found in abundance in oats. Soluble fiber helps to keep your bad cholesterol levels low. This helps keep the blood inside you flowing freely to all parts of your body, and blood carries other nutrients to your muscles, so it's very important. If your blood was slowed down because it couldn't flow easily, then your muscles would get hungry, then you would be too tired to play, and that is NO FUN. Oats are also very high in protein and lipids, which help to build strong muscles so you can play better, and that IS fun.