Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Peppy, Zippy, Zingy Red Pepper Soup

Dear children,

It has been a while! I, Auntie Megan, have been extremely busy recently, so I am very sorry in the delay in bringing new deliciousness to you. But fret not. I have a lovely soup for you this time.

It's spring now, and even though it may not be warm where you are yet, it will be soon. And in spring, most fruits and veggies start to sprout up in gardens and on farms. After a long winter of eating cauliflower and cabbage and squash and things like that, it's time for something peppy! And zippy! Something that zings your tastebuds and refreshes you after you've been hard at work playing. But it is still a bit cold out, isn't it? So how about a nice warm bowl of peppy! zippy! zingy! soup to keep you going until the weather gets hotter? Oh yes.

And aren't these peppers beautiful? They're GORGEOUS! Yes, and together with tomatoes they make this a very red soup. It's the color of luck and happiness and life! What better way to start spring than with all of those things?

I've shown you a couple of exciting colors you can eat so far: purple cabbage and white cauliflower. But you need to eat all different colors.You need to eat a rainbow of colors! Red things like the peppers and tomatoes in this soup are high in vitamin C, which is good for building a stronger body. They also contain other chemicals that can help protect your skin from the sun (but you should still wear sunblock!).